Routine Car Or Automobile Maintenance The Key To Protecting Against New Car Purchases

You may well depend on your car, truck or S.U.V. for transportation. Most people today need reliable transportation in order to maintain their livelihood or chauffeur their family either for errands or to classes and appointments.

Buying an automotive product is a major ordeal what with selection, car salesman, negotiation tactics, car finance or lease options as well as auto product finance rates either from the dealer or your local financial institution. On top of that most people only buy a new vehicle only when their current one breaks down or is costing them a fortune in repairs. As such they are in a rush in terms of selection for their purchase, their finances may be limited. As a result they are not in the best negotiating position to buy that newer vehicle from a seller whether they are a retail car dealer or private auto seller. If you can prevent or at least prolong that hassle from occurring why not make life easier for yourself.

Some people seem to have no trouble with their cars. Others seem to have a regular, almost predictable battle, with their cars breaking down and needing costly repairs. Why is this so? In some cases it may be plain luck. In other cases it may factors at the assembly line it used to be that it was recommended not to purchase a car that was made on certain days, usually before or after a weekend or major holiday. As a car buyer it was recommended to inspect the sticker on the car door for date of manufacture. Lots of luck. However with quality levels being maintained in a more consistent manner now this does not seem to be such an issue.

The major and overriding reason that some people don’t have a string of car and car repair problems and others do comes down very simply in most cases to basic car maintenance. A car does not just run by itself forever. It needs routine maintenance.

It’s fairly simple. In most cases all you have to do is refer to your owner’s manual for maintained information specific to your car. If your glove box does not contain an owner or owner’s maintenance manual, this information can easily be located either online, or by contacting the car dealer or manufacturer. At the worst you can buy these manuals online on eBay in a cd disc format. Well worth the cost…

Routine automobile eminence includes – regular oil changes, checking your car tire pressures and tire tread wear. From time to time the tires should be rotated as well.

Fluid levels should be checked on an ongoing basis this includes oil, transmission, power steering and brake fluids. Of course windshield washer fluid should be topped up for safety. Radiator coolant levels should be inspected as well. A professional can inspect your hoses, pipes and wiring for wear and tear which necessitates replacement.

Your battery and transmission should be inspected and tested on a regular basis especially if you do winter driving. Finally the car depends on its transmission, which is often the most unappreciated mechanical component of the car. Have a specialized transmission shop inspect and test the transmission on its recommended basis.

In the end it’s all very simple. Car drivers who do not seem to have car trouble” and a string of mechanical failures and expensive repairs are the ones who take the time to conduct routine regular maintenance on their vehicles. Its all in the automobile manufactures manuals- the owner’s manual and service manual. On top of that when you do go shopping for a new car, truck, van or S.U.V. your car will be more desirable as well as worth more cash as a trade in.